Secure Shredding Services.

Safely and securely dispose of confidential organizational documents

for as low as $4.99 per box (based on 200 boxes).


Safeguard corporate

Through the secure
disposal of sensitive and
confidential information.

Reduce costs of
storing information

Dispense with having to
manage information assets
that are no longer useful
or necessary.

Ensure compliance
and avoid penalties

Comply with federal,
provincial and industry
regulations; prevent
fines or legal action.

We pick it up at
your workplace

Whether the workplace
is an office or home,
we'll schedule a time
that works for you.

How our Secure Shredding Services work.

Step 1:
Place your shredding
pickup order online.
Please add to cart
and checkout

Step 2:
After checking out, a
representative from
Iron Mountain will contact
you within 2 to 3 business days
to arrange pickup services.

Step 3:
Fill up boxes of your
own or have shred bins
dropped off at your
desired location.

Step 4:
Your boxes or bins will be
picked up and safely transported
to Iron Mountain’s secure
facility for shredding.

Step 5:
Upon request, a Certificate
of Destruction is sent to
you after completion.

Box program
Supply your own corrugated boxes filled with the documents you want to shred.

Storage Boxes

A typical Bankers Box (15" x 12" x 10") holds approximately half a drawer of letter or legal files and weighs about 30 lbs when full.

1-3 Boxes     $119.99   Shop Now >

4-10 Boxes     $269.99   Shop Now >

11-20 Boxes     $369.99   Shop Now >

21-50 Boxes     $559.99   Shop Now >

51-100 Boxes     $749.99   Shop Now >

101-150 Boxes     $879.99   Shop Now >

151-200 Boxes     $999.99   Shop Now >


Bin program
Iron Mountain will supply bins and arrange a pickup time.

Shred Bins

A typical bin (43" x 30" x 26") had 65-gallon capacity and holds 230 lbs of paper which is approximately 15,000 sheets.

1 Bin     $219.99   Shop Now >

2-5 Bins     $439.99   Shop Now >

6-13 Bins     $749.99   Shop Now >

14-21 Bins     $1,059.99   Shop Now >


Why you can trust Iron Mountain.

Staples and Iron Mountain have enjoyed a strong partnership for more than a decade

with a goal of simplifying your shredding needs while securing the confidentiality of all discarded materials. Save time and money with the satisfaction of knowing each piece of your private information will be handled with the utmost care and security.

Iron Mountain is NAID AAA certified from i-Sigma for document destruction. All materials are thoroughly shredded and recycled in accordance with rigorous Secure Shredding workflow, and a Certificate of Destruction is provided upon completion.