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Cleaning Products

For effectively meeting requirements

Disinfecting Wipes

All Purpose Cleaners

Air Fresheners

Floor & Carpet Care

Dish Soaps & Detergents

Detergents & Fabric Softeners

Facility Supplies

For ensuring your facility is always clean

Garbage Bags & Bins

Air Quality

Cleaning Tools

Recycling / Composting

Floor Equipment


Washroom Cleaning Essentials

For frequent cleanings throughout the day

Disinfecting Liquids

Paper Towels & Dispensers

Hand Soaps & Dispensers

Feminine Hygiene

Toilet Tissues & Dispensers

All Purpose Cleaners

Common Areas

For keeping it safe for workers and guests

Hand Sanitizers & Dispensers

Disinfecting Wipes

All Purpose Cleaners

Facial Tissue

Cleaning Tools

Disinfecting Liquids

Breakroom + Kitchen Cleaning Supplies

For clean surfaces, dishes, and appliances

Sponges, Cloths & Scrubs

Facial Tissue

Paper Towels

Dish Soaps & Detergents


All Purpose Cleaners

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Coastwide Professional

Kimberly Clark Professional

Cascades Pro



Rubbermaid Commercial

We're cleaning and janitorial experts.

Brands you

Offering thousands of commercial cleaning and janitorial supplies that are always in stock.

Cleaning + janitorial

We'll help you find budget-friendly, sustainable ways to improve performance.

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Easily and quickly restock cleaning supplies from our national and regional distribution centres.

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