Ardrox, 9D1B Non-Aqueous Developers, 874-1150, 3/Pack
Item: ARO9D1B|Manufacturer/Brand:   ARDROS (INTECH NDE)
UOM: Pack
Alternate Code: 1963596
      • Ensure you find all the flaws in the material you're welding by using Chemtall Oakite Ardrox 9D1B Developer with your solvent-based penetrants. This fine white powder works with both Type I and II penetrants for extra versatility.
      • Size: 16-oz. Aerosol
      • 3 per pack
      • Welding supply type: Non-Aqueous Developer
      • Chemtall Oakite Ardrox 9D1B Developer: Find Flaws Before Welding
      • Ensure you know what you're getting into with each welding project by using Chemtall Oakite Ardrox 9D1B developer with your Type I and II penetrants. This fine white powder helps penetrants show you flaws in the material you're welding, allowing you to reinforce key areas before you waste time with inefficient or ineffective welds.

        Easy Application

        To use Adrox 9D1B, first clean the surface, spray on and remove the penetrant, dry the material, and then spray the developer all over the surface after thoroughly shaking the can to ensure even application. This finely divided white powder covers the entire surface in a light film that you must leave on for 10 minutes to develop penetrants left in the flaws.

        Simple Inspection

        After Chemtall Oakite Ardrox 9D1B developer dries, inspect the metal for surface flaws. Bright lighting is all you need to inspect surfaces you sprayed with red penetrants, while fluorescent penetrants require inspection under UV lighting. Once this developer reveals flaws, you can plan ahead on how to bolster the metal to your particular needs.

        Ample Amounts

        Keep your facility or workshop stocked with Ardrox 9D1B non-aqueous developer with ease as this pack includes three aerosol cans containing 16 ounces each. Safe to use on brass, steel, aluminum, bronze, titanium and other common construction metals, this product offers a versatile choice for the majority of your welding needs.

  • General Information

    • Manufacturer : ARDROS (INTECH NDE)