Wasip Portable Double Port Eyewash Station, Empty 1L Bottle Included
Item: WASF4565701|Manufacturer/Brand:   WASIP LTD.
UOM: Each
Alternate Code: 979736
    • Portable Eyewash Station
      • Designed for the cleansing of irritated eyes caused by exposure to foreign materials, air pollutants, pollen, overchlorinated water and nontoxic chemical splashes
      • Sturdy, high-impact plastic board
      • Contains mirror to view contaminated eye or face
      • Easy mounting
      • Premixed, sterile, ready-to-use buffered saline isotonic solution (emergency eyewash) sold separately
      • Medicinal ingredient: 1.9% boric acid
    • Alternate Vendor Code : F4565701
    • Catalogue Page Number : 728
    • Made in Canada : Yes
    • Material : Plastic
  • General Information

    • Manufacturer : WASIP LTD.
  • Manufacturer's Warranty

    • Please contact the manufacturer directly at the following phone number for warranty support : 800-268-3572