Safco, Freestanding, Sneeze Guard, Clear, Acrylic
Item: SAF7500CL|Manufacturer/Brand:   SAFCO PRODUCTS
UOM: Each
Alternate Code: 24444556
    • Safco® Freestanding Sneeze Guard
      • All Acrylic Sneeze Guard
      • With document pass-through
      • 30"w x 28"h x 8"d
      • Pass-through 12"w x 5"h
      • Transparent acrylic panel creates a physical barrier between people while still allowing proper voice and visual interactions
      • Helps reduce exposure to airborne droplets and moisture produced by sneezing, coughing and talking
      • Freestanding, portable design offers quick and easy relocation and repositioning
      • Convenient pass-through opening accommodates small exchanges of documents or money
      • Smooth, clean edges ensure a professional look and safer handling
      • Ideal for small businesses, banks, offices and retail stores
      • Perfect for use at reception stations, cashier stands, teller windows, service counters and personal desks
      • Made from 100% clear acrylic for easy, wipe-down cleaning and maintenance
      • Simple assembly - no tools required!
      • Designed and manufactured in the USA
    • Additional Product Information Link : Clear Sneeze Guard
    • AKA Brand : Safco
    • Alternate Vendor Code : 7500CL
    • Colour : Clear
    • Dimensions : 30”W x 28”H x 8”D
    • Dimensions (H x D x L) : 30”W x 28”H x 8”D
    • Freestanding : Yes
    • Made in Canada : No
    • Material : Acrylic
    • Quantity Per Pack : 1
    • Unit : each
  • General Information

    • Manufacturer : SAFCO PRODUCTS
  • Warranty

    • 1 Year Limited
  • Manufacturer's Warranty

    • Please contact the manufacturer directly at the following phone number for warranty support : 888-971-6225